Lately Mr. Collipark, the infamous southern hip-hop producer, has been making a run at the EDM game and after a collab with Meaux Green, (No Discrimination by Mr. Collipark and Meaux Green) he has teamed up with D!RTY AUD!O to give bring you a free twerk tune called “Reverse.” These collaborations point toward a larger push of millennial hip-hop producers, most notably Lex Luger in Low Pros, who set the foundations of trap in motion, to bounce over to the EDM side.

“Reverse” is a summer time, southern bred anthem that would have made the perfect soundtrack for Freaknik in the streets of Atlanta. To bring home that southern fried flavor the track features rhymes from the Ying Yang Twins, who along with Mr. Collipark, got their start in South West Atlanta.

As trap and twerk music take over the southern dance clubs, are money is on more 90s and 00s hip-hop producers maneuvering over to electronic dance music, or at least drawing inspiration for their beats. If “Reverse” and “No Discrimination” signify the beginning of this cross over, we can’t say that we are disappointed.

Grab a free download of “Reverse” below and rate!