Varien & Sirensceol together with Aloma Steele produced what surely is one of the most epic collaborations of all time, released today. Moonlight is a track of monstrous proportions that found it’s way to the perfect label as well, Monstercat.

This hybrid tune that features symphonic influences, yet retains a strong dubstep structure, is one-in-a-million. Intricate kick rolls provide a metal and rock vibe that Varien has become exceedingly known for, particularly in his previous single The Scarlet Dawn, also released on Monstercat. However the best part of this track must be the 3/4 time signature change that takes place at about 3 minutes into the track; proof that Varien and Sirensceol are experts of musical composition.

They took live violin, stunning vocals, and epic cinematic influences tied together with a bass-driven, melodic-dubstep structure and this is the result: Moonlight, living proof that dubstep is not dead, nor will ever truly die.

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