Ever since his massive ASOT 650 set in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the explosive might of Sean Tyas has perked many a forgotten ears for the future of his ever expanding career. As an Uplifter at heart, Tyas is most well known for his exhilarating classics such as Lift and Banshee, and his unique, infusion of raw, emotional passion exudes throughout each of his iconic melodies. Like most artists though,  there eventually comes a time when their creative energies become sapped and a change is needed in order to regain that spark of discovery that grew dim over time. For the last couple of years, Tyas began exploring other genre avenues and collaborating with different artists, often finding himself in between the styles of Trance, Electro and Progressive House. However, the recent release of Now You See has championed his return to the folds of Uplifting Trance and with the world watching on his much anticipated debut album, many are looking forward to any production that they can find. Fortunately, the successor of Now You See has finally come to light and its beauty blends together a wide variety of genres into a true, Trance masterpiece.

The purpose of his return was to take all the techniques and styles that he learned over the last few years and apply them into a new, cutting edge sound that slices through the monotony of ordinary production techniques. An extra cool feature about this track is its dual wielded purpose: it can be played as a true Trance track at 134BPM and can be converted into a beautiful Uplifter at 140BPM; thus expanding upon his collaborative skills as an artist. Ascend kicks off in true Tyas fashion, as his aggressive, merciless standards instantly constructs a tone of meticulous polish that constitutes a razor-sharp sound design. Snarling acid hounds, snappy Breaks percussion and dominant basslines are wonderfully contrasted by the ebb and flow of soul and emotion that overlaps the entire soundscape in a blanket of pure, elemental beauty. The breakdown features an astonishing piano duet that laments its sweet, mournful aria with the help of grieving choir and sweeping strings. Plucks and basslines seem to leap out of the sea like playful dolphins as the coming amalgamation of textures forms into an aesthetically towering melody. Finally, the rush of sudden drums seeps forth and propels the melody towards the sky as the surge of fervent passion seeks to intertwine our hearts and minds towards sheer ecstasy.

Savvy readers will instantly notice that the title of Ascend is a very subtle nod to his biggest hit, Lift, and follows in its footsteps as the true successor of that pioneering sound. Sean Tyas‘ brand new single, Ascend, is now available on Black Hole Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you snag your copy today!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/ascend/1290859