Every so often there’s a track that comes out that extends a genre’s shelf-life. With twerk growing, the environment is always ready for something to push the boundaries like Flinch and Infuze‘s single “Hyperion” does. In content, it’s amazing, yet one thing I think makes this even more special is the fact that a respected electronic label, SMOG Records, backed this tune for release. With that record label being the one who released it, you’ve got to expect the track to have some edge, or bass appeal and the good thing is, it does. If this track doesn’t get you hyped, you should probably just go jump off a bridge; the energy this brings is insane and anytime there are Lil Jon samples, you know those please the ears. Aside from those bitty samples, all the rest please your ears too, which is why you need to scrounge some cash and digitally download these from whichever outlet you choose.

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