Who’s ready to get a bit techy? I know I am. I also know Weska was when he sat down to create his new single “Walk With Me” that just got released today. From his hub in Toronto, Weska has been steadily pushing out tech tunes both purchasable and free, which is the case for his latest creation. The three C’s – calm, cool, collected – are represented indelibly by this sensational piece of music that is dominated by crisp percussion. Although the rhythmic structures are quite simple, it takes a lot to be able to make a minimal song that really touches somebody and induces raw feelings, yet Cody was able to do that with this production. Some people can’t handle lengthy songs, but “Walk With Me” satisfies for the full seven and a half(ish) minutes. For you non-Facebook users you will be happy to know that this freebie comes as a direct download, so have at it!

Expect more to come in the future from this young producer who is starting to increasingly get his name out. Weska will be a forced to be reckoned with once a little time passes and he gets what he needs to reach a wide audience. His skills are there and they will only get better.

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