Of all the acts in dance music, both world renowned and the ones that come and go, one thing stands out amongst them both. Males dominate the scene. Now it is disappointing to see so few female powerhouses represent the dance music scene but on the flip side it is exciting to see acts like Nervo and sisters Jahan and Yasmine from Krewella put the female populous on the map, in regards to EDM, as they do bring a unique image to the table.  While drizzled within the highly male saturated EDM market, very few females power through to the world renowned fame and exposure that men in scene receive. In a recent article featured on Thump, the gender gap is broken down showing female to male performances at various festivals.

Electric Zoo featured the smallest ratio of all the festivals tested with only 3 of 113 performers being female (2.6%). With Mutek holding the highest percentage of female performers amongst their lineup at 9.6%, the median of the festivals tested was 5.9% at Ultra Music Festival. All across the board here we have a small percentage of female performers; even at the high end, topping out at less than 10%. That poses the question of whether or not female Djs are out there, or if they are oppressed and not giving the same opportunity as males in the scene?

It’s funny because at any given EDM show or festival you attend, the ratio of male attendance to female attendees is a thin wish-washy percentage, everywhere you go. So why is it that both sexes show such a huge interest in the scene but the artists that cater to the consumers is so heavily dominated by males. Music is art and by no means can be crafted by men better than woman so at this point, I’ll leave this open ended for interpretation. You let us know what you think, and for all the woman out there. Keep on chuggin’, you’ll make it and your presence in the scene is needed!

Breakdown of male to female performers courtesy of Thump.

Male to female performers at various festivals - published by Thump - Your EDM

-Chris Wood-