To the average citizen of Manhattan Island, the /\ logo may not mean anything. But to fans of ex-Swedish House Mafia members Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, /\ means that something new is coming. Since their announcement of a new album that will come from their collaboration as Axwell /\ Ingrosso, it appears that New York City has been tagged by a variety of cryptic notices. From scaffoldings, buildings, and subway platforms, the whole city has become a code for fans to crack. Amy Thomson, who was previously the manager for SHM, posted some of the tagged locations on Instagram saying,

“NYC. Let the games begin. Lines of a new song lie on your streets. Only sharing will make it grow. For everyone else who signed up we posted you your part :-)”

However, if you simply want to know what the puzzle completes, check Axwell’s or Amy Thomson’s Instagram accounts. Both of them uploaded a map with all the locations that have been tagged. Together, each location contain the lyrics to an upcoming song called “On My Way” along with the /\ logo. This is all leading up to their upcoming performance at the Governors Ball Music Festival along with OutKastSkrillex, Disclosure, and more.

While New York gets puzzles, fans around the world will also receive something special. 5000 lucky people will soon be getting a unique treat in the mail, personalized letters, sheet music, and scratch-off lottery cards with the chance to win a fly-away trip will soon be delivered to fans around the globe by their mailman. Also if you’re particularly lucky, you might end up being one of the select few who will be receiving limited edition poster prints and t-shirts.

Here are what some of the locations looked like in the Big Apple.