A day before the release of his album #NEWGOREORDER, Borgore will be playing live at the Lizard Lounge in Dallas Texas. Joining him at this 18+ event will be Lady Parts and Johnny Funk. Presented by Full Access and Donnie Disco, the one night thrill will take place June 7th starting at nine o’clock. Party your ass off and see booties for Borgore in real life until four in the morning; at that time you will have to vacate the premises but that still doesn’t mean the party has to end. It just means the $15-$20 you paid has run its course and Borgore will no longer be mixing in house. Maybe find an afterparty with Borgore? You never know what will happen after hours from a Borgore show.

If you would like to attend this event you may purchase tickets through the link below. You better also be ready for the release of #NEWGOREORDER through Buygore Records on June 8th. It’s almost here!

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