If you’re nothing short of creative but lack that inner engineer within that allows you to blend your creations accordingly, LANDR is for you. Maybe you’re in the post production phase and can only summon enough strength at that point to render and upload your piece to Soundcloud without mastering it first. Well no problem, LANDR, an online website with mastering algorithms integrated within promises you instant drag and drop mastering for any and all of your tracks.

Still in its infancy, LANDR offers three tiers of mastering capabilities: free, which offers you unlimited MP3 masters at 192 kbps, 9$ for a Pro account that limits you to four uncompressed masters and finally, 19$ for their Pro unlimited which gets you unlimited uncompressed masters. With that being said, the free edition gives you the file back in MP3 at 192 kbps which honestly; if you were to render your song at 320 kbps and as a wave without mastering, the differences would be minimal. The Pro account would be good if you just had a three or four song EP where the Pro unlimited might be useful if you have a lot of unfinished material or if you want to use it for training purposes. That is if it works.

One comment on the LANDR announcement article states the files they send back to you are just like “slapping an Ozone preset on the original and changing nothing”, Ozone being a popular VST plugin used for mastering. Other posts go onto say that it may do something to the song but you cannot automate the mastering stage as, “nothing beats the human ear” in regards to what sounds good or bad. True! Everyone’s ears are different and that in fact can be the difference between a good song and a brilliant one. Not a lot of people understand that mixing and mastering your final product is just as big a part of the process as the composition is.

I foresee, if LANDR were to get big, a bunch of tracks generically mastered, so many in fact, that anyone with an ear for EDM could distinguish a LANDR mastered track versus one mastered by a human. Let us know what you think and for those of you that produce, tell us what your submitted final product sounds like.

LANDR by MixGenius

-Chris Wood-