Disclosure returns to the scene with a really wonderful re-work of Pharrell’s ‘Frontin’.’ This is only their second track since Settle debuted a little over a year ago. (They released ‘The Mechanism’ with Friend Within in April.)

This new track follows typical Disclosure garage style, starting off with some groovy kicks and hi-hats and then dropping into the main lead synth section. Pharrell is so widely utilized in EDM at this point I’m willing to call him the male Ellie Goulding. His voice can certainly go high enough. Regardless, the track has a considerable amount of groove and is really accessible and danceable.

The rap break with Jay-Z though has got to be my favorite part of the track. As much as Pharrell puts soul into a track, the raw talent of Jay-Z is difficult to match. Check out the full track below. Disclosure says they might release this for free once they reach 1m likes on Facebook, and they’re only 50k away right now.