Future summer vibes from Autograf; nothing can better make my day.

Animbus’ Song Of The Day

This is the future of club music that is going to be everywhere soon. Autograf is not only capitalizing in that market, but also absolutely killing it with their productions. The groovy-ness of this remix is almost intangible.

Impeccable bass-lines merge with incredible percussion to create one of the best dance-beats I’ve heard in ages. Muffled vocals build in perfectly to drop into expertly layered synth melodies that break the bounds of any particular genre. A violin enters mid-breakdown to finish me off in what is an absolute perfect track, one of many in Autograf‘s resume in my brutally honest opinion.

Plain and simple, they simply shattered the world’s expectations with their throbbing bass-lines and overall magical remix of Marvin Gaye‘s throw-back Grapevine; and this remix of Gust Of Wind will surely continue that legacy.

This is one group that I will be doing everything in my power to catch live, if I ever can.