If you remix a Just A Gent track, let alone one with Kasbo, you better pull it off. Aether did just that with his edit of “Sovereign” where it was his power that shined through the music. It echoes the original, but there is a more love trappy feel that happens to be even more chill than it’s counterpart. I could plug this into my headphones and listen on repeat for hours; the vibes are unreal and that’s one of the reasons this track does not get old. Usually Friday’s are party days, but I’m thinking even if you head out to a rager, you are still gonna be playing this one at least a few times. Even if you aren’t playing it, you may have this one stuck in your head, especially if you are a producer. Much to my enjoyment, Aether is presenting this one to the world for free. Winnning.

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