After hearing their remix of “The Walker,” I was completely in love with the music that Mack & Jet Set Vega put out. Each act has wowed me with what they have to offer to the music world, which extends even outside of the music they release. As for the music, though, these two have a new remix out for Katy Tiz through Atlantic Records, who saw the release of their last single together as well. This time they turned “The Big Bang” into a wondrously progressive hit that’s better than most of the other house that happens to fall on the lighter side of the fence.

You can expect to hear this jam on certain radio stations, but where this would really thrive is at a festival. Not only does it have appeal that gets it on the air; it also has all the qualities necessary for a mainstage anthem. Successful at either, Mack & Jet Set Vega‘s remix is top of the line material whose melodic work will stick in your head without a doubt. Listen to the track below and check out what Mack has to say about the world of radio, where he offers up some insights for up and coming producers to run with.

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1. What does a radio marketing strategy involve and how is it different from dealing with blogs?

I think a smart radio marketing strategy involves blogs. The way things are now bloggers and DJs are today’s tastemakers.

2. What makes a “radio hit?”

Honestly if I knew the secret I would be on a yacht in the the south of France just watching my songs climb the charts. In my opinion it’s all in the hook. If you don’t leave the studio singing it then it’s not a hit.

3. Why is it hard for up and coming artists to get radio play?

To be honest it’s not hard (eye roll from readers). If you want your song on the radio you need to grow in your hometown market first. If you create enough noise local radio will notice you and give you a shot.

4. How worthwhile is it to pursue local radio stations for an artist?

Hitting up your local radio station is a must!

5. What is it about radio that gives it the perceived edge over blogs?

Over the past few years blogs have played an important role in new music. I would say the edge that radio has over blogs is that people will always go to their radio to hear new music. I update my blog regularly w/ music, celeb news and local content, it’s become a staple on my show. When you put the two together it’s a great resource for your fans.