The difference between a good remix and a great remix is fairly simple. Good remixes re-arrange an existing tune to create something with a slightly different feel. Great remixes work within the context of the song to create something totally different with its own entire imagination. That said, KEAN B has delivered a truly great remix of SCNDL’s Melbourne Bounce chune, ‘The Munsta’.

Falling along the lines of Alvin Risk-esque wall of sound and lazers dubstep, KEAN B takes the bouncy original and turns up the epic. The San Fran based producer, has morphed the hook line of the original into a massive trance break that completely shifts the feel of the tune. The drop is pure dub/trap/lazer madness, which is a stark contrast to the mellow by comparison SCNDL original. Peep the tune below and go throw this dude a vote for the Monstercat Remix Contest!