A song that has some of the most hype you can get in one tune is “Get Buck In Here.” Bringing that hype to the now is Doug Bogan, a Connecticut producer who has been around the world and back doing live shows for the past five years. He is shifting his focus on production with this premiere being his latest work to exit the studio and get onto his Soundcloud page. DJ Felli Fel and his cohorts (Diddy, Akon, Ludacris and Lil Jon) would get down to this hybrid track that infuses moombah, trap and other genres together for a varied listening experience. I can remember listening to the original a billion times and now that Doug has taken to remixing it, the repetition ensues, but this time with the updated version of the track. In taking some time to really focus in on his productions, Doug’s efforts resulted in a bangin’ freebie that is easily one of his best works. Look out for more, because there’s no way this guy is stopping here. He has quite the road ahead!

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