June 10th will be the day that Noya releases his Out There EP through Subterra Records. A day before, which happens to be today for you calendar-challenged individuals out there, Your EDM has the premiere of one of the singles off of the EP, being “Remember.” Rock meets drum & bass in this heart-thumping original production with guitar riffs and thick basslines that will get you dancing. It’s not just a dance track though, because when the composition tones things down the emotions of the track are free to run wild. In going back and forth between the vibes and the energy, Noya is able to create a song that will check all the boxes for listeners everywhere. Drum & bass isn’t the most popular of genres, but this rock-ridden single may get you into things. Be prepared for the release of this and the other tracks on Noya‘s Out There EP when it drops on Beatport.

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