When going through the submissions for the (We Are) Nexus remix competition there were a few edits that really caught my ear. One especially stood out; it did so right at the moment the song started and never let go of me. Kaleptik, a producer from Oklahoma City, blew away the original creators of “Shamelessly” as well, which is why this young producer was chosen as the winner of this competition. He did everything right with his remix, from the finely tuned piano, to the vocal chopping, to the heavy sound design that echoes the likes of Spag Heddy. While also providing some of the best technically sounding production out of all the remixers, Kaleptik really made this one his own and will now go home with some quality prizes.

Part of that prize package is a release on the Shamelessly EP that is set for July. Expect news about that release when next month rolls around, because I know many of you will want to grab this song for yourself. Check out Kaleptik’s remix below, as well as a statement by (We Are) Nexus thanking the winner and all the participators.

WOW! What a great response to our remix contest! THANK YOU ALL who liked, commented, shared, and helped spread the word and, most importantly, to those who put their time and energy into remixing the track! We are truly thrilled with the turn out and mixes that came in.

We know this track was a bitch to remix. We challenged you to take a song full of classical instrumentation with a female vocal fit to a 3/4 meter at 140 bpm and turn it into a dance track. Not an easy feat! But you rose to the challenge, a for that, we thank you! In the end, while all the remixes were good, and a handful were great… one stood out as exceptional…

So congratulations to Kaleptik! Your solid production, choice of instrumentation, and creative approach to Carmen’s vocals won us over in the end. You took our song, funked it up with your ingenuity, and produced a track we’re proud to release next to ours!

Congrats again to Kaleptik and thank you all!

Carmen & Nick