UK sensation, Aluna George, that as of late, has been sweeping the nation and was sought out after by the likes of DJ Snake, who did an amazing remix of her 2012 single, “You Know You Like It“, is back in the studio after an extensive tour. She states that she, “loves performing because people have taken the whole weekend off and they’re with their friends having a really great time”. Well as a follow up to her “Body Music” album, Aluna is currently back in the studio after becoming anxious to get back in the groove of things after her recent tour to finish her up-coming album featuring collaborations with both Diplo and Skrillex.

Skrillex, who just recently had a huge album release, and Diplo who retains the title as the party boy and offical twerk music producer of EDM, are set to work up an amazing collab with Aluna George. Based on her stunning vocal dynamic range and the message she portrays in her groovy single “You Know You Like It”. The album featuring Skrillex and Diplo will be a monumental piece of art added to the 2014 music scene; more likely than not, one of those two songs to be featured on her next album, if I were to guess, will become the next big thing since “Turn Down For What”.