Pete Tong sat down to discuss all of the things that excite him about this years TomorrowWorld music festival. One thing he touched on that meant a great deal to him personally is his ability to control the entire vibe at a single stage to enhance the crowd’s experience of the music this year:

…It’s not just about me having my name on the side of the tent, it’s more about curating an environment. I think if you wanna play deeper, darker and a bit more techno/deeper house its important to create an environment to deliver that music. You can’t do it jump starting different styles off the main stage you HAVE to create an environment, you have to create a vibe and a kind of headspace for people.”

Watch the entire interview below and be sure to check out the line up at the All Gone Pete Tong stage this year. It’s sure to be full of some of the best music being played by your favorite artists.

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