The classic hip-hop anthem known as “Sensual Seduction” (or “Sexual Eruption”) by the legendary Snoop Dogg has been around for almost seven years now. It was Snoop’s biggest charting song since “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and continued to see remixes from electronic musicians such as Dirty SouthBoys Noize, and Skrillex. Now, PromNite and Alizzz give it an American-deep house facelift and join the rankings of the many who have remixed this gem.

Together, these two musical-geniuses deliver a funky shakedown of summer vibes with their rework of this g-funk original. It takes the chill rapping styles of Snoop Dogg rather than use to much of the auto-tuned Snoop. The remix is upbeat, yet smooth with crisp hi-hats and adds new rhythm to an old-school jam. Now this epicenter of groove can be yours with the click of a button and available for stream from PromNite’s SoundCloud.