If there’s anyone in the industry right now who knows how to do social media right, I’m beginning to think it’s deadmau5. Aside from all of his award-winning rants and absurd YouTube comments, the hype surrounding his forthcoming While (1<2) album is palpable.

Deadmau5 has just recently returned to Toronto from his Miami to Ibiza Gumball 3000 trip (where he won the “spirit of the gumball award“), and a reporter from The Standard was able to talk with him during a stay at Top Gear’s racetrack in Surrey. Among the topics discussed was Joel’s new upcoming tour, but not before Joel gave another of his award-winning opinions on the festival scene a bit.

“It’s another thing I can’t f*****’ stand, you know? Festivals are being branded bigger than the acts, which is totally backwards in my head,” he spits. “It’s ’cause of those acts that you’re a festival! Who wins? The promoter. The guy who’s throwing this festival that’s branded bigger than you, that you think you’re awesome for headlining. It’s a shame, so that’s why I’m pulling out.”

About the new tour, Joel says “The show is gonna be a whole lot better than all eyes on you in some confined cube. It’s gonna be way more immersive. It’s in the round. We have Hollywood screenwriters coming up with a script.” He’s even got his video game roots covered, too. “We have Chris Ha over at Blizzard [the video game developer] doing storyboards for it. We’re producing it like you’d produce a film. I’m really excited about it because it’s a sink-or-swim thing. Even the accountant’s freaking out.”

We’ve already seen deadmau5 put out a few singles (1) (2) (3) and we’re now only 4 days away from the full album release. Joel has said that the tour will likely be sometime in 2015 with all of the set-up that has to go into it. But guaranteed that all of his fans, myself included, will be waiting with bated breath.


Source: The Standard