German duo Moonbootica are no rookies when it comes to the dance music scene. Having been DJs since the late nineties, they have remained right on the cusp as electronic surfaced around the globe. Your EDM had the chance to talk with the spunky pair about the differences between Germany and the US, their inspirations, their aspirations, their new EP These Days Are Gone, and more. Check out These Days Are Gone & a plethora of remixes as you peruse what Moonbootica had to say!

When/why/how did you start DJing/producing? Who or what got you into the music?

KoweSix: It’s been a while already. We started in late ’99, but didn’t get serious until 2003. Back then the scene in our hometown Hamburg was very fragmented and the people very narrow-minded. They all just accepted their own style and we thought: how boring! We always loved variety and the principle of the DJ telling a story and taking the listener on a journey, not just playing the same stuff all night long… Anyway, we started a club night where we played everything we liked, from House to big beats and Techno. In the first couple of years, we would even play hip-hop records. It was great to see people opening up to new music. Actually that is exactly what is still driving us to this day!


You just released your EP “These Days Are Gone”, what was your inspiration for this?

Tobitob: As always, we just started with something, a sample or a beat, and then the rest unfolded naturally. This track is special in a way, because we didn’t give it to another artist to write, or sing on, but instead had a good friend of ours write the lyrics. A studio singer then recorded them and we ended up keeping those, because it sounded so great! I must say this is one of our best songs so far.

What’s your dream festival to play at? Why?

KoweSix: We always wanted to play Burning Man. We have a couple of friends who have been going there for years and the stories they tell us are just awesome. It must be really intense.

What do you think makes the dance music scene in Germany different than other places in the world, such as the US?

Tobitob: In Germany we have a long history when it comes to this kind of music, especially techno. The commercial breakthrough happened here a while ago and things found a certain balance because of it. When things get over- hyped, they usually lose their spirit. As an electronic music capital, we now have a thriving underground scene, and have figured out a way to maintain the “cool” and keep the commercial side away from it. In the US, the whole “EDM” scene has just recently exploded and everything seems to be focused on the “drop”, even though there is so much more to it all. Either way, it’s really great to see that electronic music has finally arrived in the states!

What’s your favorite non-dance music song at the moment?

KoweSix: Totally loving Gramatik at the moment! Also Jungles “Platoon”… and many more!

Is there anyone in particular you hope to collaborate with in the future?

Tobitob: There’s too many to name. We really love music in all its variety and we have lot of respect for a bunch of people. Whatever comes will come…

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

KoweSix: To be honest we’re pretty much addicted to In & Out burgers!!! Although a good Schnitzel makes us smile too…

What software do you use to produce? What is your favorite plug in?

Tobitob: We use Logic and UAD plug- ins. Both are working really well for us!

Who’s your inspiration within the industry?

KoweSix: Daft Punk

Outside of the industry?

Tobitob: Sylvester Stallone

What city would you love to travel to? Why?

KoweSix: I guess that would be Tokyo. We’ve never been there, but from what we’ve heard it must be amazing. So different from most other places. We also love Japanese food…

If you were on an island and could only bring one item with you, what would you bring and why?

Tobitob: Maybe a Leatherman (pocket knife) or something very handy, but honestly, it’s going to be very, very bad without my Espresso machine!

What can we expect from Moonbootica in the near future? Where do you see yourselves a year from now?

KoweSix: We consider ourselves as very lucky and happy people, because we are able to do what we love every day. If we can keep up our love and passion with which we work every day then everything will be fine.  Let’s cross fingers that this will never change. We are also planning on releasing a full album very soon, so keep your eyes open for that!