Fight Clvb continue their onslaught of releases with two new pieces of music this week. Most recently, Main Course dropped their remix for Jillionaire, Salvatore Ganacci and Sanjin‘s song “Fresh.” Their jungle vibes mixed with big room make for an astounding tune that is just right for the kind of lively and energetic sets the trio likes to play; although, it’s much more than just a set given the performance talents these three individuals boast. “Fresh” contains two different drops that both bring the fire, however, the second brings it a little hotter. If you’d like to download the Fight Clvb freebie, you may do so through the link provided below!

Free Download

One song isn’t enough though, so we have two for you. Although this is one up for purchase, you are going to want it all the same. This time the trio hook up with ChooKy for a more traditional house track. Minimal electro packed with the same amount, or even more energy than the previous track is what you will get into with “Get Freak,” which was released through Bonerizing Records. You get a taste of both acts in this single; that’s nice to hear because a lot of times one act can drown out the other. With that not being the case, the result is something of magnificence representing two acts who have a wide range of stylistic influences.

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