Earlier this week, Kaskade tweeted his latest installment of Redux Backstage, a behind-the-scenes view of his Redux tour. In the midst of giving fans a taste of how it feels to walk out of an after-hours set and to constantly be on the road, Kaskade took a moment to open up on how the scene has changed, from the fans to the artists.

Between clips of his afterhours set, travels, and hotel room, Kaskade reminisces of the scene then and now: “I think no one who was doing house music, electronic music, back 10, 12 years ago, ever expected money… It was just like, ‘Cool, if I work really hard, make good music and play really good shows, and hone my skills, I’ll be able to make a living.’” And now with the upsurge in interest for this type of music, he likes that the fans are “excited about the music,” yet also comments, “There’s so much money involved, it’s like, ‘Is this guy involved for the right reasons?’ Back then, everybody who was in it, was in it for the love of the music.” But Kaskade reassures his fans that he tours as a way of “connecting with the fans, connecting with the past, playing music that I love and having a passion for it.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a contemplative statement from Kaskade (read about his thoughts on old and new fans from his Redux tour), and this video definitely gives us something more to think about. Watch it below.


Photo Credit: EDMChicago