It’s something we’ve all experienced, or at least witnessed or heard about. The night is coming to a close, you’ve been crushing your set, and the crowd is going wild…when suddenly, someone spills a full drink onto your gear! This could completely total your setup and cost you quite a bit of money; at the very least, it spells the end of your set (unless you’ve got a back-up plan) and will heavily dampen the night.

Fortunately, the DJTechTools crew, in their infinite wisdom, have put together a guide to rescuing your equipment from sinking into a boozey grave. Above all, you have to ACT QUICKLY. Beer and liquor are filled with tons of corrosive salts and sugars that will destroy the metal contacts in your controller and laptop, so the faster you start doing damage control the better. With that in mind, the basic steps are as follows:

1.) Pull out your power cables and battery (in the case of an attached laptop).

2.) Pull out any USB cables.

3.) Turn your equipment upside down.

4.) Pull out any audio cables.

5.) Dry everything as much as possible.

Hopefully, this will be enough to save your equipment from the worst of the damage. However, there are definitely further steps you can take to prevent lasting damage. For the full guide on gear resurrection, cleaning, and reassembly, check out the DJTechTools article here.