I think with how much anticipation there was for While (1<2), there was no doubt Deadmau5 would take the #1 spot on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Not only that, Deadmau5 came into the Billboard 200 at #9 and #4 for the Digital Albums chart. With promotional help from Best Buy, through the form of an exclusive CD offer, the song “Petting Zoo” will be given to the purchaser as a bonus; I’m sure this helped with the physical sales immensely, although he’s doing quite well in the digital world, of course. If you haven’t heard the album yet, I highly suggest giving it a listen. Head on over to the album review here to do so. I believe congratulations are in order, however, I hope to see Deadmau5 move even higher on the other charts he hasn’t overtaken yet!

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Congrats Deadmau5