This one goes out to all the “Nerds” out there. Felmax, the two Miami bassheads who we’ve featured numerous times – even when they were known as Felix House & Max Kartel – have released a new song that is easily one of my top favorites from these guys. They’ve done house before and I’ve even heard an unreleased electro track they have, but when “Nerds” came to me I was impressed like never before. It gets a little complex and crazy, but for those who can comprehend it, it’s a major piece of music. Alright, it’s not too hard too comprehend; it’s about as easy as comprehending E=mc2. The bassline they created is so juicy and animated, however the synth stabs that interrupt the fusillade of bass make for a funky, yet necessary point of contrast. Even though you can never have too much bass, you get the idea. Grab “Nerds” for free and be on the lookout for more from these two!

Free Download