It’s been a week since Your EDM premiered ‘Shorty’ from Insan3Lik3 and we’re back again to give you another look at the track ‘Stuff’ before The End is released tomorrow.

On the album, ‘Stuff’ is the track directly following ‘Shorty’ and if you listen to the two consecutively (a little hard with just the SoundCloud streams, I know) you’ll understand why I specifically wanted these tracks to premiere. Just as Miyoki’s vocals end, the whole melody in in ‘Stuff’ serves as a direct contrast. While ‘Shorty’ was a tad melancholy, ‘Stuff’ is absolutely upbeat and happy. I don’t know if it’s a xylophone or what, but every little sound in ‘Stuff’ just makes me smile. I was just listening to Depeche Mode earlier today and I’m thinking now how amazing this track would sound backing up Dave Gahan’s vocals. The track doesn’t really get started until at just about 1:35 and then it’s an amazing ride all the way until the end.

‘Stuff’ is a track off of Insan3Lik3’s forthcoming album The End, coming out tomorrow July 1st, courtesy of Section Z Records. You can pre-order the album now from Bandcamp and iTunes.