Following a “mass casualty” incident in Boston on the 25th, Barclays Center in Brooklyn raised the security level for an Avicii show last night. According to News 12, “Security was being boosted and IDs were being checked” … as if that shouldn’t be done at every show ever.

In a statement, the center said –

“Guests must be 18 years old or over and provide valid ID or they will be denied entry; extensive security screenings are conducted at all entrances including full body pat downs and drug screening dogs; and medical staffing is increased to provide prompt response to guests that may experience medical issues. As with all of our events, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for our guests.”

So the dogs are new, but everything else seems pretty on par for most shows. Though it seems that overall the experience at Barclays was enjoyable. A friend who attended says, “I truly did not see the incidents at Boston play out in New York. It was a reasonably safe environnment. I was there from about 7:30-11:30; the venue stopped selling any form of alcohol after about 9:45 which I believe was a really smart move. I cannot reference you to a single instance of someone being overly intoxicated to any degree that would require medical attention; I didn’t see a single person carted out. The security was suprisingly [efficient]. We were physically patted down, bags were searched, and then we went through metal detectors where we had to empty all of our pockets, etc.”

Let us know in the comments if you had a different experience, or if you agree that it was handled fairly well.


Source: News 12