You won’t be hearing this one in too many clubs at 2am, but if you want an example of great, funky music with no gimmicks, Insan3Lik3 is your guy. He’s been featured on Monstercat since at least 2012 and has produced tracks with Hot Date and his most recent collaboration with Rob Gasser has received rave reviews. His electro track “Bad Pitched” has racked up over a million views on Monstercat’s YouTube channel.

Those fans who religiously follow Section Z might have gotten a quick listen to ‘Shorty’ last night on their Sunday Review, and if you’ve been dying to hear the whole track in its entirety, here it is.

‘Shorty’ is a quaint track with a very strong groove. There’s nothing much to it other than the expertly arranged lead synths and little touches, like the sound of water drops, that make the track so unique. To be honest, even just now as I’m writing this I’m first noticing the subtle guitar plucks in the build up. Things like that keep you listening to the song over and over to find the little details that make it so appealing. The addition of Miyoki’s vocals transform the track from a simple house tune into a nu-disco smash. There’s nothing about this track that tries to deceive – it is straight-up, 100% funk and groove and that’s what is so refreshing. It’s just simply fantastic.

‘Shorty’ is a track off of Insan3Lik3’s forthcoming album The End, coming out July 1st, courtesy of Section Z RecordsYour EDM will be premiering one other track from the album a week from today, a day before the album release, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. You can pre-order the album now from Bandcamp and iTunes.