Zedd and Ariana Grande’s long-awaited collaboration titled “Break Free” just premiered on MTV, and to be frank, I’m disappointed yet unsurprised with the result. With every new production and collaboration, Zedd distances himself from those lovable complextro riffs and overly-sawed synths, which took little Anton from his Myspace days to his main stage performances. With “Break Free”, Zedd does attempt to juxtapose those old electro-infused melodies with Ariana Grande’s pop-y addition, but with little success. Zedd’s input tends to take a back seat to Ariana’s vocals. Other than the bass line and faint melody, “Break Free” is mostly about Ariana and her forgettable lyrics.

My favorite parts? The first 5 seconds and the last 10. Sadly, those will most likely be omitted from the inevitable radio edit.