This week my guest is:

Nick Thayer, he is here today as a preview for his upcoming EP Dominion, out June 7th.

The Melbourne native has put together an incredible set here for us today, and even sat down for a few questions regarding his past, present, and future.

Keep up with Nick Thayer:

This mix is absolutely incredible, filled with mostly his own productions and a few creative mash-ups; it’s a wonderful club-driven blend that is sure to get you dancing.

-Exclusive Interview-

Can you tell me a little bit about your past? How did you get started with electronic music?

I’ve studied music all my life, from violin and piano at the age of 5 through to guitar and other loud instruments in various bands throughout high school. At that time I was collecting records, and I’d done a couple of DJ gigs, but it wasn’t until I saw The Chemical Brothers live for the first time that I became enamoured with electronic music. I’ve recently stepped back into the band arena after a long hiatus, playing guitar in a Queen cover band which has been a huge amount of fun.

Who has served as your biggest inspiration over your career?

Without doubt my wife Juliet. She is a senior artist with the Australian Ballet, and her love of, and passion for dancing is a constant source of inspiration as I search for my voice as a musician. Musically I’m inspired by artists who continue to take chances, who are constantly looking for new things to say. Artists like Muse, Noisia, and my all time favourites Queen.

What direction are you taking with your sound for future releases?

I have no idea! I believe firmly in letting myself be influenced by the sounds around me and incorporating those into the music I make. I see the role of the artist as a sponge, absorbing everything I like, and then when it comes time to create I just squeeze and see what comes out.

Your upcoming EP Dominion is getting a lot of hype, what should we expect from it?

I have really pushed myself artistically on this EP. I wanted to present a whole concept; in the music, in the artwork, and the ethos behind the release. Giving it away for free is a big part of that. The themes of a utopia / dystopia, which are certainly ones I’ve explored before, just taken further here, especially lyrically with Our Rules. Musically I’ve made every attempt to push the sounds and the arrangements as far as I can. I’m not interested in playing anything safe.

Can you tell me a little bit about what you put into this guest mix? It’s one of the most unique we’ve had and I love seeing the long track list full of mostly your own work.

This mix represents the sort of set I play in a club. It is formed almost entirely from my own work, with a couple of minor exceptions which I have either had a hand in (I helped Tom Booze produce that track), or have tailored to my own ends (the Knife Party / Metallica mash up). This mix certainly shows my love of funk, hip-hop and rock music too, which I think form the underpinning for my electronic output. There are quite a few VIPs of in here too. And some exclusives that are yet to come out.

If you could choose one event in the world to perform at, what would it be?

I don’t know about events in particular, but my favourite crowds are those who are open to hearing new music and are willing to take that journey with me.

Anything more you want to tell your fans?

Indeed! I am re-launching my website for this EP. It will be the place to download the EP from for free, and will also have links to my new merch store and all other pertinent spots. I’m excited to share it, and more importantly the music, with everyone.