That feeling when you meet an amazing person at a festival and forget to get their contact information before they forever disappear into the abyss of magical festie land….

Well, it seems as though this issue can be a thing of the past – at least for Tomorrowland attendees. The Belgian festival is taking innovation to another level with their new wristband, which can now be used to make lifelong connections with new festival friends!

A video emerged on the Tomorrowland website explaining how to activate your wristband, connect it to your personal Facebook, and then utilize it as a device to keep in touch. All you have to do for activation is press the heart button featured on the wristband at the same time as your new friend, and an e-mail including the contact information of those you met around the world will be sent to you.

No more posting in rave Facebook groups, “Have you seen my soulmate!? She has blonde hair, I think, and brown eyes, maybe, and was wearing a unicorn hat on the third day of the festival with yellow pants with little stars on them….possibly…..Let me know if you found her, we shared a moment during Diplo.”