The amount of work that goes into a festival such as EDC Las Vegas seems beyond imagination. An article by edmsauce describes just how much work actually goes into the festival.

First off, we’re talking mostly about Circuit Grounds here, the tented stage at EDC. The structure featured over “1,000 hanging lights and about 7,600 sq ft of video.” In order to keep the roof stable, “24 riggers [were] assigned to the roof construction … they worked specifically on the structure’s ceiling for 3 weeks; that’s 3,000+ man hours.” Obviously a lot of time was put into the construction, but what about safety?

Anyone who has been to Vegas in the summer can attest to how hot it can get. Temperatures in June can reach up to and above 110 degrees during the day, and so the construction crews end up working at night. That ends up posing its own issues, too. “It’s much easier for someone to get hurt in the dark, so everyone in the Las Vegas Speedway is required to wear a reflective safety vest.”

Once the set up is all done, everything has to be maintained through the weekend. “From sunrise to when gates open, production crews are working to make each and every night at EDC a different experience.” Just on the Circuit Grounds, there were “60 different lighting and video specialists” assigned to keep everything fresh and interesting every night.

The festival as a whole employed 500-600 personnel and presented “one of the most effectively organized festivals in the country.” Check out some pictures below of the behind-the-scenes action.





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