A little over a year ago, Tube & Berger released a spectacular EP through Suara called ‘Pleasure Dip’ and “Imprint Of Pleasure” was one of the featured tracks. The original track digs deep within the elements of Spanish culture by using flamenco guitar sounds and adding in their own zesty flavors of catchy and rumbling bass lines. The leader of the highly iconic Drumcode Techno label, Adam Beyer has now taken this original track and crafted it into a rather different sound that we are used to hearing. Beyer gives you subtle glimpses of soft techno sounds, as he introduces low cut styles and light synth melodies, while still adhering to the original blueprints of the track.

Tube & Berger’s “Imprint Of Pleasure” – Adam Beyer Dub Remix will be out on July 21, 2014 through Suara.