I remember I wrote about one of Revoke’s tunes when I reviewed his remix (among many others) of Candyland & Zak Waters’ “Not Coming Down” a few months ago (check out the full EP review here), and more recently, when I reviewed his beastly “Daybreak” EP. Now I’m covering his remix of Cash Cash’s massive success “Take Me Home” featuring Bebe Rexha. Do you see the pattern here? This guy is amazing. He never ceases to impress. I’ve come to know Revoke as an artist that’s aways pushing genre boundaries and experimenting with new, fresh styles, and this remix is absolutely no different.

It seems as if I’ve found a new favorite genre: melodic trap. The remix starts out with classic trap drums as the addicting vocals of Bebe Rexha come in. Revoke creates a melodic, acoustic atmosphere prior to the first buildup by adding some piano and cleverly manipulating the vocals to echo in the background, adding some warmth to the tune, and ultimately emphasizing the massive drop that’s about to take place. Revoke uses a dark, heavy synth to lead the drops, but utilizes the vocals to add some melody and warmth, making for an incredibly diverse tune. The best thing about this tune is that if you think it can’t get any better after the first drop, you’re wrong. The second drop is absolute all-out badassery. But why listen to me? I’ll let this beast speak for itself. Be sure to grab your free download via Revoke’s Facebook page, linked below.

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