In a description about themselves, Italy-based Merk & Kremont say of themselves, “We like groovy, do you?” Groovy would be the perfect way to sum up the musical sounds of this pair. With remixes under their belt already from the likes of Clean Bandit and Chris Lake, Fede and Joe show no signs of slowing down with their unique, explosive dance floor musical stamp. Aside from working with Spinni, Revealed, Protocol and SIZE, they have now turned their attention to Ultra, serving up a dazzling edit of HELENA’s ‘Levity’ ft. Shawnee Taylor. Released via a remix package on July 28th, their funky rework sits alongside other contributions from Maarcos and Fareoh. We got chatting to the pair to find out more about their bouncing beat creation.

You’ve been given remix duties for HELENA’s huge hit ‘Levity’. Did you feel any pressure when taking on the project? What sound have you gone for on it?

We were quite surprised when we were asked to remix this record, since we loved the texture and the overall sound of the original. We decided then to give a little bit of a Merk & Kremont touch to it in order to make it playable in our own set, based of course on groove and energy.

How did the remix opportunity come about? Were you approached by HELENA? 

Yes, we were approached by her management via email.

You’ve got your own tour running from June – August. How have you found it so far? Any highlights?

Summer season just started and we are touring a lot these days, but the best events are yet to come for us. At the moment, we are really looking forward to play a DJ set for David Guetta at Aquafan on August 3rd, that will be super.

Do you manage to produce whilst on tour? How do you juggle the workload? It must be tiring!

It is indeed tiring to face the workload –  when you are touring (especially during summer), gigs take a lot of energy away. Even if it doesn’t seem so, you have to stay healthy and fresh when you are making music.

What do you like to include in your sets? How do you cater for different scenes?

We love to experiment a lot with new tracks in our sets, we play at least three or four tracks every time and it is always nice to see the reactions. As we said, our sets are mostly based on tracks that feature lot of energy and intense grooves –  so that’s what you should expect!

Any other shows you’re particularly looking forward to?

We are playing at Coccorico on the 15th August, Alesso will be there as well.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and further in the future? 

To produce, to produce, to produce and so on…

Pre order a copy of HELENA – ‘Levity’ The Remixes here.