At last night’s Mystic Music Festival in Houston, MiMOSA , the once revered genre bending bass producer, got into a physical altercation with festival security after pouring a bottle of Grey Goose vodka over the veteran performer Downlink. The dispute began when Downlink took the stage to prepare for his set and MiMOSA refused to abandon his performance even though his time slot was up.The incident was detailed by Oscillator Z, who also performed at the festival:

After being taken off stage, MiMOSA admitted to the confrontation on twitter, although later deleted the tweet:

Downlink was quick to respond:


Although Your EDM is not taking sides in this matter, it is important to note that this is not only a story about respecting the elders of the culture, but also a story about respecting your fellow man no matter if they are a performer, fan, promoter, security guard, manager or just a bystander.