Rumored, tweeted and discussed. The infamous and anticipated coffee run is finally here. That’s right deadmau5 and Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford took to the Ferrari for a rather interesting 30 minutes of discussions and chatting. Now for those not in the know, Rob Ford has garnered a rather negative reputation following his publicized use of crack as well as his poor display of PR skills as he attempted to mitigate the situation. Anyway, deadmau5 did want to make sure that the viewers of the video didn’t see the coffee run as deadmau5 pledging his support for the mayor and his attempt at getting re-elected. That’s why he posted the following disclaimer:

*stupid disclaimer*

Dear Stupid, this is a coffee run. This does not reflect my political views, or views on anything really… *cep’t for maybe my views on Toronto traffic, stupid ass drivers, stupid fuckin potholes, and my caffeine intake or any other stupid shit that comes out of my mouth.

p.s. stop being stupid.

– deadmau5

So there you have it, stop being stupid and enjoy the video: