Often recognized as one of the top figureheads of Tech Trance who effortlessly drives the scene with his illustrious musical tastes and production skills, the legendary Mark Sherry is quickly making a colossal comeback into the scene with a slew of fantastic remixes and an additional shakeup of his high energy livesets. Back during the golden years of Trance, Sherry was world renowned for his unorthodox Tech style in sets and for his lusciously detailed remixes, and was also an integral part of Detox Records, which was widely considered to be the biggest Tech Trance label in the world at the time. Recently, he has been hammering release after release with a stylistic combination of Tech Trance, (with his dominating remix to Max Graham‘s The Evil ID), and BXR flavored mixes, (with his remixes to Will Atkinson‘s Atkinsane and Aly & Fila with Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s Brilliant People). In 2008, he unveiled a world exclusive entitled A Star Within A Star during the opening of the legendary Trance Energy festival and to this day, this track remains burned into the minds of many older Trance fans. For 2014, Mark has decided to comb through the back catalogs once again and revive this golden jewel in the form of three outstanding remixes from some of the leading Uplifting producers around. Whether you are in the mood for furious Tech, emotional breakdowns or iconic lead lines, this package will have you humming the iconic melody all over again.



Mark Sherry- A Star Within A Star (James Dymond Remix)

As one of the most versatile Trance producers within the entire Trance community, the upcoming talents of James Dymond is flipping through genres like a deck of cards, as his widening projects range from classic Uplifting to edgy Psy Trance. Dymond has been having a massive year this year, as the crushing success of singles such as Samples Of Silk, Just Let Me Be and Helios have been included in many of the world’s leading DJ sets. However, his productions have also been known to be in tune with the iconic Armada sound that Armin van Buuren has carefully constructed from the ground up, which features a quaking lead line to lead the melodic material through the troughs of harmonic minor. Keeping in line with his recent bootleg to Armin van Buuren‘s Communication, his remix to A Star Within A Star follows a similar suit but at a paired down 134BPM. The opening is dripping with decadently refined basslines with a technical edge to them as rocking synth roars flex their muscles through the explosive opening. The breakdown features an astonishing string section that beautifully transforms into a wonderful cinematic breakdown that’s complete with tribal drums, accompanying brass ensemble and the track’s iconic piano line. Suddenly, he stiff arms us with a burly melodic lead that quickly takes command and bellows out its sonorous war cry. Power, drive and energy immediately follow suit in the resulting breakdown, as the towering lead envelopes you in a whirlwind of titanic musical might.



Mark Sherry- A Star Within A Star (Adam Ellis Remix)

While James Dymond took us on a wildly mesmerizing Uplifting journey, Adam Ellis bases his interpretation on fast, hard hitting basslines and brutal Tech Trance synths. Widely considered as one of the leading upcoming Trance talents within the last couple years, the fearsome abilities of Adam Ellis has gained the respect and praise of many industry leading giants such as John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney. His smashing single of Napalm Poet was widely considered to be the Uplifting track of the year in 2013 and his recent projects of Velocity In French and a remix to John O’Callaghan‘s Big Sky has further solidified his standing as a bold, new leader in Trance. His remix is all about basslines, as the beginning instantly knocks us down with a combination of crackling basslines, scorching sub-work and classic Tech Trance ostinatos. Instead of focusing on the infinite possibilities within the Original orchestral breakdown, Ellis¬†coolly keeps the groove and energy at a feverish pace throughout the entire track, which perfectly fits within his own, unique writing style. Although different than both of the other two remixes, his melodies still bolster ample amounts of energy and weight in its own design and the addition of flowing strings only intensifies it. Finally, he does away with any and all melodic material and instead relinquishes it with crashing drums and the return of the Original Tech line; which quickly deteriorates into a devastating ‘crunch’ synth that stomps with the fury of evil, malice-driven machines.



Mark Sherry- A Star Within A Star (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)

This is by far the most interesting mix within the entire package due to the unique sound direction that he has chosen to implement for his remix. While Dymond‘s mix purely focused on soaring Uplifting and Adam Ellis‘ mix was fixed on pulverizing Tech Trance synths, Alex has decided to combine both styles for a unique experiment on the traditional Trance framework.Alex M.O.R.P.H. has been silently lucking behind the scenes of his illustrious Gatecrasher event company with close friend Woody van Eyden, but has always remained one of the most consistent Trance producers to stay true to the roots of the genre with amazing pieces such as A Night Outside, My Heaven and The Reason. As one of the most technologically successful producers within the entire Trance community, it’s no surprise that his rework astonishes even the staunchest of critics with an air of finesse and pride. The entire breakdown goes above and beyond the normal call of duty, and actively sounds like a genuine film score is taking place right before your ears. The astonishing production value and highly emotional orchestration is nothing short of visionary and the amount of care and time that was clearly taken is evident in its near flawless perfection. However, Alex decides to blindside our ears by quickly switching gears and throwing the resulting release into a scorching Tech Trance line that infuses Rock and torque into its monstrous force of reckoning.



This entire remix pack is straight fire and is a definite purchase for any Trance fan wanting something different than the usual Trance fare. The remixes to Mark Sherry‘s A Star Within A Star is out now on High Contrast Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/a-star-within-a-star-the-remixes/1338355