Steve Aoki is in Ibiza for his famed Aoki’s Playhouse at Pacha Ibiza. Now if you don’t have the money for a transatlantic trip, a hotel, and overpriced food and drinks, then fret not as Steve Aoki partnered with Twitch to live stream the whole night. So sit back, relax and enjoy Aoki to your hearts delight. What’s more interesting than Steve Aoki performing though, is Steve having chosen to live stream with Twitch. As some of you may know Twitch is the largest live streaming platform for gamers and was recently acquired by Google for $1 billion. The fact that Steve Aoki is live stream using Twitch could be indicative of the company’s desire to branch out of gaming and push its live stream service to other industries. Only time will tell whether this will be a repeated occurrence but for now enjoy some good music on this summer night.

Photo credit: Ysa Perez

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