If you’re ready for a case of the feels, then this free download package is for you! Below are 4 songs that are definitely going to have you feelin’ some type of way – whatever way that is, is up to you. So hit the play button, fall in love,  grab your free download, and spend your weekend alone with the one thing that will never let you down (besides pizza): music.

To get the feels party started is Samuel Proffitt‘s slow, melodic, and very beautiful indie electronic track Sladky featuring Khai. With its hard hitting lyrics and melancholy tone, this tune is sure to hit you right where it hurts (yet you totally love it, don’t you?)

Click here for a free download of Sladky.


Next up is Static & Bass‘ remix of Maor Levi‘s Beautiful Disaster featuring Daphne. While this track isn’t quite as dismal, it still brings the feels full force by combining its own melodic appeal with the catchy lyrics of the original.

Grab it for free here.


Third is Rubicon 7‘s remix of SuperFuture by DallasK. This electro house song will certainly get you groovin’ as you slowly get lost in the feels of the beat.

Grab your own copy here!

Mike Russ brings it one deeper in the feels with his remix of Nico & VinzAm I Wrong. On second thought, the vibe of this remix is actually quite uplifting and would be the ideal track to play on the beach with a margarita in hand. The only reason this one is in the feels-category is because of the forlorn lyrical content. Definitely a song to download & enjoy before summer ends!

Get it for free here.