One of the most renowned festivals across the world is about to kick off this Friday August 1st and will last all the way to Sunday August 3rd. Lollapalooza is famous for its ability to span a gamut of genres, from Indie Pop all the way to Dubstep. In the past few years, its founder, Perry Farrel, has strived to further integrate electronic acts in the festival’s roster. This time around, attendees can expect performances by Skrillex, Eminem and Calvin Harris to name a few. Just like last year, the festival will be live streamed so that those unlucky enough to be staying at home can still enjoy the spectacle!
Lollapalooza has always been famous for one other aspect and that’s the quality of their livestream. In this case you can interact socially but also flip through different channels if what’s currently streaming isn’t to your fancy.

Here’s what Perry had to say about Lollapalooza 2014:

“I’m trying to create a social gathering where people feel like they were at the right place at the right time…Tell their kids and their grandchildren about it.”

Perry also talked to Billboard about the festival, building a line up, EDM and more:

“This year we’ve got Krewella, Calvin Harris and the big boy, Skrillex. I like him — I think in the last five years he did something to music. He moved the Richter scale a little bit.”

And followed up with this concerning the rest of the headliners:

“Kings Of Leon, Outkast, Skrillex, Arctic Monkeys. Kings Of Leon are cool kids, they’re brothers, they don’t punch each other on stage, but they kind of get mad at each other. I think that their songs are tight and compact. Caleb [Followill] has a good voice — I think it’s really suited for the radio. And he’s humble, [which] wasn’t always the case. They started out pretty humble and quiet as human beings. I remember we had them on Lolla in 2003 and they were opening. And every Friday I would have these plates and wines brought in, it was the Sabbath. So every Friday night I had a buddy who could get illegal cheeses, so unpasteurized, delivered to wherever we were. So we had cheese and wines and olives, just kind of what I’m doing now, and I’d invite all the musicians.”

You can see the full line up here: Lollapalooza Line Up

Watch Lollapalooza 2014: Live Stream

Source: Lollapalooza, Billboard