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After Twitter’s rumored interest of acquiring Soundcloud fell through, the Berlin-based company began heading into a different direction. Soon after, the company started their much publicized outreach towards the big three labels (Sony, Warner and Universal), who would receive a specific share of Soundcloud in exchange for allowing the streaming platform to play their music without copyright takedowns.¬†Their negotiations with the big labels to close the deal on playing their music is just about to become a little easier for them with the following news. As of now, Stephen Bryan, the “Executive Vice President and Digital Strategy & Business Development” of Warner Music Group, is working for Soundcloud.¬†Stephen will be playing the role of biz dev and strategy executive, and hopefully make this deal easier for both companies.

The much beloved cloud platform has changed arguably for the worse in this past year and things only seem to be escalating as 2014 comes to a close.