Benny Benassi is one of those artists that really left an impression on my musical tastes. “Satisfaction” was one of the first tunes I listened to when I was first introduced to EDM, and it, along with most of the tunes in Hypnotica (album), were probably some of the tunes that made me fall in love with electronic music. Even though I’ve mostly moved on from house and explored other genres like trance, dubstep, and now basically everything under “bass music,” I’ve remained a fan of the genius that is Benny Benassi.

A few days ago, Ultra Music released a teaser on their Youtube channel of Benny Benassi’s latest work, “Shooting Helicopters.” This time, he’s collaborating with arguably one of the biggest names in the music industry: Serj TankianSystem of a Down’s lead singer. Coming from an alternative metal/rock background Serj adds a fresh element not usually associated with electronic tunes and delivers powerful, yet chill vocals. The drop sustains the powerful, energetic atmosphere created by Serj’s vocals and will definitely get you moving. Benny Benassi has been around for almost 30 years now, and he’s always managed to conform to the latest musical fads, yet stick to his house roots at the same time. This is no different. A release data has yet to be announced for “Shooting Helicopters,” but we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Check out the teaser below.