With Fresh Face Friday’s second successful month just over the hill, we are going to wrap up the weekly phase strong with some stellar artists. As you know we took a unique approach to the segment showcasing Deep House last week and want to keep that stigma an ongoing effort. So we chose three unique and appealing tracks to showcase for the last week of the segment before the monthly phase takes off. Have a listen below and like always, make your favorite known!

RK1 – Anniemall

Introducing itself in with a powerful chord progression and vocals that are on point; “Anniemall” soon transitions into a bigger than life like Progressive House breakdown with upbeat synths and a touching melody. The man behind the production resides in Malaysia and started producing EDM under the name of RK1 in 2001. His love for producing is attributed to the challenge of the production itself as well as mastering a track. To hear more from RK1 click his Soundcloud link above as, “Anniemall” is a part of an entire album.

RK1 on Facebook

Technoid Sigma – Emergence

Don’t be fooled by the delicate and intricate intro Technoid delivers in “Emergence”, it is nothing but a means to express his diversity in the EDM scene. Stick around through the entire length of the track as this one takes you on a journey through the thick and thin as well as the wicked. And although inspiration was pulled through a number of things in the production of this track; how the story goes is simple, “you can be something original, unique, and achieve anything no matter what people tell you”.

Technoid Sigma on Facebook & Twitter

Myüzak – Hero

Shifting the tone from a journey to an anthem, my buddy Zach otherwise known as Myüzak from Southern California drew inspiration for “Hero” through his old school Metal and Hip-hop roots, which would explain the trap-ish breakdown after the first verse. “There’s nothing more soothing in the world to me than running my fingers up and down a fret board” Zach told me after stating guitar is his, “main melody machine”. Well something’s working in his favor as the melody in this one is extremely catchy.

Myüzak on Facebook

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-Chris W-