Why not start your own label off with a bangin’ release by your own act? That’s just what Chris and Dave of WhiteNoize did after launching their Yoga Pants Music imprint. Solomon’s EP is their first product boasting two tracks that will get your body wiggling. Their funky house sounds are just as classy as they are, which is a whole lot if you are unfamiliar with the San Francisco duo.

“Solomon’s Groove” is the first track; it’s deep nature makes this one an anthem for all the night owls out there who spend their time on the town. Even if you just popped some headphones in to enjoy yourself, you’ll still be transported to the land of grooves. The next track, “Smoked,” is every bit of dope as the first. It’s a little more outgoing with its style, lending itself to those who like a little more pep in their step. Both tracks are making my Wednesday feel like a Friday night and I hope they do the same for you. Snag them up on Beatport through the link below.

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