Drugs have studies done on them all the time. Given the world’s high drug usage, that should be something that doesn’t come as a surprise. In the UK, one study was done that found that legal drugs, including prescription pills and other chemicals, may actually cause more deaths than heroine by the year 2016. The Centre for Social Justice conducted the study, along with another that found that legal drug usage figures in the UK mark the highest in all of Europe. Throwing the term “legal” on a drug opens the gates for wider usage, but is that really something that means anything regarding safety? Not a whole lot, really. It also makes individuals more comfortable not having to worry about being arrested for having the substance on them. With all the drug/overdose talk that is going around our scene, let this serve you as a reminder to be smart, no matter what you are taking.


– 97 Legal drug related deaths in 2012.
– Hospital admissions rose 56% between 2009 and 2012.
– 300,000 Addicted to opiates/crack in England
– 1.6 Million Alcohol Dependent Individuals
– By 2016, it’s hypothesized that legal drugs will cause 400 deaths per year by 2016.

Source: Sky News