With vacation season coming to a close, football peering around the corner and the big party anthems dominating the airwaves of the past few months, now is the perfect time to introduce some summertime slow grind for a much needed change of pace. Enter Chicago’s PHNM (pronounced phenom) and his super buttery remix of Sage The Gemini‘s hip-hop track “Gas Pedal.”

The laid back feel of the ‘5AM Remix’ is cued up by a completely reworked chord progression that is played over some really warm, analog-sounding keys . It really is amazing how by simply bringing a nuanced approach to the melody, PHNM is able to take the track down to a diet-thug level and amp up the playful nature that gets lost in the original. This can be a turn down track for those wee hours of the morning or maybe it’s the perfect soundtrack for rolling up to the pool party with friends. No matter where you find yourself dropping PHNM‘s “5AM Remix,” make sure you hit him up on social media and let him know how the tune brightened your day.

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