LeKtriQue returns quickly with a new two song EP called Thunder. Having just released a Remix EP with Seek N Destroy, it’s exciting to see him with another release so soon.


LeKtriQue is known for being able to create excellent atmospheres in his songs, and this holds true in “Stormtroopers.” An ominous piano with loud crashes in the background lead into vocal bass infused drops. Through the song there are three separate and distinctive drops, each managing to stay fresh and hold its own, contributing to the flawless flow of the song.


It’s refreshing to see LeKtriQue change up the bpm in his music. “Thunder” features Panther, a rapper well known to those who follow Kannibalen Records. I personally was a little disappointed to see him so underutilized in this track; it would have been great to see him rapping over one of the breakdowns. That being said,
“Thunder” is a well made attempt at drumstep by this electro trash producer. I especially enjoyed the drum and bass section near the end of the song.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I suggest checking out this EP and giving it a chance. You can purchase the tune’s on Beatport, with the chance to download “Stormtroopers” for free.

Beatport link: Thunder EP
Free Download of “Stormtroopers”